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Welcome to the Edge of the Envelope!

This is the official website for the Edge of the Envelope series of speculative fiction novels by Barry Wittman. Please read below for more information about the books and the website.

Why the Envelope?

The question of extraterrestrial life has always fascinated the human mind. Skeptics contend that the extraordinary series of events needed to produce intelligent life is unlikely to occur a second time. On the other hand, space is vast. It is conceited to believe that this little, water-covered ball of iron is the only place with creatures who think and war and build.

But if there are other intelligent life forms, why haven't they come to visit? Again, the vastness of space cannot be ignored. Perhaps, like us, they do not have the technology to bridge interstellar distances. Perhaps, due to the speed of light, they haven't heard that we exist. Perhaps it is simply a question of timing: They are waiting for us to mature enough to be worth visiting openly.

None of these ideas is satisfying. We want to believe that there are intelligent life forms surrounding us. We want to believe that they have the ingenuity to cross these enormous distances. We want to believe that we're worth visiting. Before our planet's ages of exploration and colonization, only the difficulty of crossing oceans and mountains protected one culture from another. Once travel became possible, conquerors, missionaries, and fugitives flooded from one land into another, usually wreaking terrible havoc.

If the development of advanced technology must carry some concomitant development of moral or social values, it is plausible that intelligent alien races have devised a way to protect young races until they are ready for contact. And that is the Envelope, the barrier surrounding us until we ourselves travel outside of it.


This website is organized into the following pages:

  • Maps

    A collection of maps of Kofira and other locations in the Edge of the Envelope. At present there is only one map, but there may be more in the future.
  • Books

    A brief introduction and an explanation of the three novels that comprise the Edge of the Envelope: The Black Salamander, The Stygian Skies, and The Darkened Moon. At present only The Black Salamander is completed, and none of them are published. As such, information about the books, even their names, is subject to change at any time. If you are interested in these books as an agent or publisher, please send an e-mail to marketing@edgeoftheenvelope.com.
  • Forums

    A page with forums allowing people to discuss various elements of the story, characters, and technology in the Edge of the Envelope and speculative fiction in general.
  • Glossary

    A glossary of the terminology used in the Edge of the Envelope. Although the glossary is included at the end of each novel, it is much easier to search electronically. This page is of greatest use for those people in the process of reading one of the novels, but others may browse the glossary out of curiosity.
  • About

    The page you are reading now. A brief description of the series and this website.
  • Legal

    Legal information about the intellectual property in the novels and on this website. This page has contact information for anyone making professional inquiries about the novels.